Tuition Express

Easy, Foolproof Autopay

At Latchkey, we strive to take the worry out of childcare. That’s why we partner with Tuition Express to automate payments. No more worrying about checks, credit card payments or balances. Once you enroll, automatic payments will be deducted on the first school day of each week with no processing fees.

You can choose to hook up Tuition Express to your checking, savings, or credit card account.

Easy Foolproof Autopay Daycare Online | Latchkey Child Services

Want to pay another way?

If you’d rather not use Tuition Express, it’s possible, but since it requires staff time, there is a payment processing fee of $9.95 per payment. This fee also applies to special processing of automatic payments. We encourage you to use Tuition Express, but to set up another payment method, please call us at 405-236-2069.