Imagine Latchkey In Your School

How to Get Started

Every elementary school, primary school and grade center faces similar challenges. Chief among those is how to care for students in the crucial hours before and after school – when parental or adult supervision is likely not available at home.

Some schools create their own programs. Others rely on nearby daycare centers.

Instead, Latchkey simplifies everything by offering a single turnkey solution:
  • Provides much-needed service for children and families
  • No day-to-day coordination burden on schools or administration
  • Safe, fun, educational programs for students
  • No need for daycare transportation
  • Fewer crimes by and against juveniles
  • Schools offering such programs see higher attendance & academic achievement
  • Schools are eligible to receive additional federal funding 

In School Daycare Program | Latchkey Child Services
Get In School Childcare OKC | Latchkey Child Services
After School Daycare Program | Latchkey Child Services
Get In School Daycare | Latchkey Child Services

Much More Than Daycare

Latchkey offers more than childcare. Our programs are structured to enhance a child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development as well as their school experience.

Typical program schedules include:
  • Reading Adventure Day (R.A.D.)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Math Activities
  • Music & Movement
  • Science & Nature Exploration
  • Outdoor Physical Activities
  • STEM Activities
  • Story Time & Reading
  • Time for Homework
  • Time for Friends and Relaxation
  • Activities such as puzzles, games, dramatic play, building, puppets and more!
  • Monthly celebrations and award ceremonies

Want Latchkey in your child’s school?