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Credit/Debit Card Authorization

I (we) hereby authorize Latchkey Child Services (called "CENTER" in this Authorization) to initiate recurring credit card charges to the below referenced credit card account for the purposes of collecting childcare related payments. I (we) understand that the charges to the below referenced credit card account will be based on charges that are due and payable at the time of the credit card transaction. I (we) understand that this agreement is between myself (us) and the below referenced "CENTER". I (we) authorize CENTER to utilize Tuition Express" to capture, create and transmit all credit card information. I (we) indemnify and hold harmless, Tuition Express from any and all liability resulting from any and all transactions. All disputes will be directed to and addressed by and between CENTER and the below signed cardholder. I (we) understand that to properly affect the cancellation of this agreement, I (we) are required to give CENTER written notice of revocation. A minimum of 5 business days is required to affect revocation.


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