Scholarships, Reduced Rates and Discounts

Find Out If You Qualify

Latchkey understands childcare can be costly. There are programs in place to help those in need.

50% off weekly rate
District Rate
20% off weekly rate (varies by district)
Employee Rate
50% off weekly rate

OKDHS Assistance
Case-by-case; enrollment fee waived


Scholarship rates may be available if you qualify financially. You can can fill out our scholarship application online and provide income verification. Income verification and enrollment in Tuition Express (TE) are required. Other conditions may apply.

Childcare Assistance

OKDHS approval must be received and verified by the Latchkey corporate office before children receiving State childcare assistance can attend a Latchkey program. Learn more here or contact us at 405-236-2069.

District Discount

School employees that meet our qualifications can receive a discount on tuition. Contact our main office to learn more at 405-236-2069.