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Before and after school programs provide supervised care on a regular basis for children during hours of the day when school is not in session and parents are not available.

  • Happy families with the convenience and knowledge that their children are on site, safe and well cared for during the out of school hours.
  • Elimination of the need for day care transportation.
  • Communities where at least 50% of the kids attend an after school program are 5 times more likely to be a healthy community.
  • Extended day programs also extend the relationship between a school, the children and their families.
  • Schools offering these programs see increased parent involvement at school events.
  • Fewer children going “home alone” results in fewer crimes by and against juveniles.
  • Schools offering these programs see higher attendance rates and academic achievement.
  • Schools are eligible to receive additional federal funding.
  • Contracting with an outside organization, such as Latchkey, eliminates added costs, burden and possible conflict of interest for the school district.

*All findings referred to in this proposal come from the America After 3PM household survey conducted for The After School Alliance, with support from the JCPenney After School Fund.


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