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On-Line Enrollment

In order to complete and submit your enrollment on-line, you MUST complete the Tuition Express (auto-pay) authorization form at the end of the enrollment process when prompted.  For those who choose not to complete the Tuition Express authorization, you will be able to download all completed forms at the end of the process.  You can mail the completed forms to Latchkey's main office (address below) with the appropriate payment.  For those that wish to make payment using a credit or debit card over the telephone, your enrollment will be considered complete upon receipt of the enrollment paperwork and payment.  If you wish to deliver the enrollment paperwork directly to the Latchkey staff at your school, our staff will confirm that payment has been received (no form of payment is accepted at a program site)  in order for your child(ren) to attend.  If you do not fill in the immunization information in this process, you can hand deliver a copy of the immunization record directly to the Latchkey staff at your school.  The annual enrollment (registration) fee is non-refundable. Note: When we download your enrollment, any registration fees due will be processed at that time.  Clients that dis-enroll during the school year and decide to return during the same school year will be charged another non-refundable enrollment fee.  Dis-enrolling or reducing the number of programs your child uses requires 2 weeks written notice mailed to our main office. You are billed each week regardless of the number of days that you decide to bring your child.  Weekly tuition is not pro-rated and is due even during unexpected school closures due to weather or other circumstances and regardless of days that your child attends and regardless of the number of school days offered during the week.


Latchkey charges a payment processing fee of $9.95 per payment to clients that are not enrolled in Tuition Express or that request special processing of their automatic payments.

Normal processing is when automatic payments are deducted weekly on the the first school day of each week and no processing fee applies.  All other payment methods (tuition express using special processing instructions, paying in person at our main office, paying with credit/debit card over the telephone, and paying by mail) are subject to the payment processing fee of $9.95 per payment.

Payments ARE NOT Accepted at Program/School Sites
In order to complete the enrollment process, payment of the annual enrollment fee and the first week’s tuition is required for each child.  For those receiving state assistance,  the annual enrollment fee is waived; your monthly co-payment, if any, is due.  If you sign up for tuition express, these fees will be automatically deducted once your application has been received and processed.

Payment Options
Payments are due one week in advance and no later than Monday of the Current Week to avoid Late Fees.  Co-payments are due the 1st school day of each month to avoid late fees.  If you are paying by mail, please allow a few days for mail delivery to avoid late fees. 

Latchkey is excited to offer you the safety and convenience of automatic payments through Tuition Express.  For safety and security reasons, payments are not accepted at any Latchkey program sites.  We are asking all clients to sign up for automatic payments.  Other payment options are available; but, Tuition Express is the preferred method.  Payments can also be made in person at our corporate office; by telephone using a credit card; or by mail.

District Discount
A discount is offered to school employees that meet our qualifications. No discounts are applied until verification of being a district employee is completed by way of pay stubs or teacher badges.  Contact our main office for other qualification criteria.


Latchkey’s Address For Mailing or In Person

Latchkey Child Services Inc.
1211 N Shartell Ave, #1100
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Calling In Credit Card Payment 405-236-2069  

Corporate office: 1211 N. Shartel Avenue, Suite 1100, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 / (405) 236-2069 / (405) 236-3909 fax