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Latchkey's 2021 - 2022
Rate Schedule
Effective July 1, 2021
    Weekly Daily
  AM $15.00 $6/hr *
  AM-TCH $5.00 $6/hr *
  PM $50.00 $6/hr *
  PM-TCH $12.00 $6/hr *
  BOTH $55.00 $6/hr *
  BOTH-TCH $14.00 $6/hr *
  * $4/hr each hr after
    Weekly Daily
  AM $38.00 $13.00
  PM $60.00 $20.00
  BOTH $85.00 $33.00
Bridge Creek      
    Weekly Daily
  AM $31.00 $13.00
  PM $44.00 $18.00
  BOTH $65.00 $31.00
  AM + FRI $58.00 n/a
  PM + FRI $72.00 n/a
  BOTH + FRI $90.00 n/a
  FRI -  ONLY $30.00 n/a
    Weekly Daily
  AM $38.00 $13.00
  PM $55.00 $22.00
  BOTH $85.00 $35.00
    Weekly Daily
  AM $42.00 $14.00
  PM $55.00 $18.00
  BOTH $85.00 $32.00

NSF Fee:


Late Pymt Fee: $10.00 per family  
Late Pickup: $1.00 per minute per family
Scholarships: normally 50% of weekly rate
District Rate: 20% discount off weekly rate
Empl Rate: 50% of weekly rate
Summer &  Weekly Intersession:  $110.00/wk
Summer &  Weekly Intersession:  $35/daily


Enrollment in Tuition Express (TE) auto-pay with weekly deductions
on the 1st business day of each week

client agrees to and understands the following stipulations

  • Must pay for each week of the school year regardless of attendance with the exception of weekly pre-scheduled school closures (spring, winter, other weekly breaks)
  • The annual enrollment (registration) fee is non-refundable
  • Weekly tuition is not pro-rated and is due even during unexpected school closures due to weather or other circumstances and regardless of the number of days that your child attends
  • Weekly Rates are established such that they are the same during each week of the school year irregardless of the actual number of school days for any particular week  
  • Must provide 2 weeks advanced written notice to our main office for program changes or withdrawals
  • A payment processing fee is assessed to clients that are unable/unwilling to meet the above TE requirement
  • Payments are due one week in advance and no later than Monday of the current week. A $10 late payment fee is assessed to payments received after the due date. This fee is assessed each week until your account is current
  • There is no additional charge for using miscellaneous intersession days with the exception of weekly pre-scheduled school closures. There is a $10.00 per day non-attendance fee if you fail to attend once you have reserved a space, state assistance clients not included 
  • Only clients signed up to attend weekly pre-scheduled school closures are billed for those weeks. The non-attendance fee applies here as well 


  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Co-payments are due the 1st business day each month. A $10 late payment fee is assessed to payments received after the due date. This fee is assessed each week until your account is current
  • Enrollment in Tuition Express (TE) auto-pay is recommended.  A payment processing fee is assessed to clients that are unable/unwilling to meet the TE requirement
  • Latchkey policy requires swiping the Access Oklahoma Card daily. All state clients are allowed to obtain an additional Card for any person they so designate. You shall be charged for days not swiped and/or swipe errors resulting in non-payment by OKDHS including loss of monthly premiums as a result of such non-swipes or errors 



Latchkey charges a payment processing fee of $9.95 per payment to all clients that are not enrolled in Tuition Express or that request special processing of their automatic payments


  • Two (2) week's written notice to Latchkey's main office is required if you withdraw your child(ren) before the end of the school year or if you reduce the number of programs your child attends
  • School district employees may be eligible for discounted rates.  
  • Scholarship rates may be available for those financially qualified.  You can download our scholarship application and either fax , Email or mail your application to our main office along with income verification.  Income verification and enrollment in tuition express (TE) is required.  Other conditions may apply.  Use the quick link on our home page or Click here to download a scholarship application


For more information about applying for state childcare assistance, please visit www.okdhs.org or contact Latchkey at 405-236-2069.  OKDHS approval must be received and verified by the Latchkey corporate office before children receiving state childcare assistance can attend a Latchkey program.


Tuition Express is a fast, easy, and secure way to pay your childcare tuition and other fees to Latchkey.  Payments are withdrawn from your checking, savings, or credit card account.

Latchkey has chosen to offer automatic payments for several reasons.  First, it will give you the convenience of not having to write a check every time tuition and fees are due.  Second, it allows regular scheduling of your payments.  Most importantly, automatic payments reduce the amount of time our staff spends on managing payments, giving them more time to spend with your children.

Statistics indicate that automatic payments are the safest, most secure means for financial transactions.  Tuition Express has been certified by the banking institutions and credit card associations across the country.  For more information visit www.tuitionexpress.com.


Tuition Express - Setup using Checking or Savings Account

Tuition Express - Setup using Credit Card









Corporate office: 1211 N. Shartel Avenue, Suite 1100, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 / (405) 236-2069 / (405) 236-3909 fax