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  1. What does Latchkey do?
    Latchkey provides supervised care with adult directed activities for children before and after regular school hours.
  2. Where is Latchkey located?
    Latchkey programs operate inside your child’s school.  For a complete list of Latchkey program schools, go to the Locations Tab or contact us at 405-236-2069.
  3. What are the hours?
    Typically, programs begin between 6:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. and end between 6:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.  For a complete list of hours of operation at each individual school, go to the Locations Tab or contact us at 405-236-2069.
  4. Is there a fee for the service Latchkey provides?
    Yes, weekly tuition depends on the program you choose.  Payment of the annual enrollment fee and the first week’s tuition must accompany the enrollment forms in order to secure a space for your child.
  5. When and where are payments made?
    Weekly tuition payments are due one week in advance no later than the first scheduled day of each week.  Monthly co-payments are due on the first scheduled day of each month.  Payments can be made in our main office, by phone using a credit card, by mail to our main office address or automatically through “TUITION EXPRESS.”  Payments are not accepted at program sites. 
    Latchkey offers an automatic payment deduction option.  Payments can be automatically deducted each week from your checking account.
  7. Who can participate in the Latchkey programs?
    Only those students enrolled in a school that hosts a Latchkey program are eligible to participate.
  8. Does Latchkey transport children?
    No, Latchkey programs operate inside of your child’s school eliminating the transportation worries for parents.
  9. Does Latchkey provide care on days that school is not in session (i.e. Parent Teacher Conference days, holidays, spring and winter breaks, etc.)?
    Yes, Latchkey provides care on most out-of-school days including spring and winter breaks.  Programs are consolidated on these days.  You will be provided with a list of dates and locations when you enroll. 
  10. What do the boys and girls do while in Latchkey?
    Children are engaged in learning activities to stimulate them and help develop new skills, find hidden talents and set goals.  They also have time to relax and build friendships.
  11. What are the qualifications for the Latchkey staff?
    Latchkey has a variety of positions that range from entry level to master teacher/site director positions.  The qualifications for these positions vary from those that require little experience in the field (these staff work under the supervision of another staff person with higher qualifications) to ones that require a degree in early childhood development or education.
  12. How many teachers are there for each program?
    The number of teachers depends on the number of students enrolled.  Latchkey never exceeds the state requirement of a 1:20 or 1:18 staff-to-child ratio. Generally the ratio is 1:10 to 1:15.
  13. How do I enroll my child in Latchkey?
    Enrollment is an easy process that takes about ten minutes.  You can enroll with the Latchkey staff at your school, at the Latchkey main office or on our website: Latchkey.us
  14. Does Latchkey accept state daycare assistance?
    Yes, all Latchkey sites contract with OKDHS and accept state daycare assistance.
  15. Is there any type of program to reduce the tuition?
    Latchkey continually seeks funding for our scholarship program.  Scholarships are dependant on the availability of funds and are awarded based on financial need.  Scholarship awards typically cover up to 50% of tuition.  For more information contact our main office at 405-236-2069.
  16. How long has Latchkey been providing its service?
    Latchkey was founded in 1992 and has been providing before and after school care in schools ever since.
  17. Are the Latchkey programs licensed by the state?
    Yes, all Latchkey programs are licensed by OKDHS and adhere to all health and safety city and state regulations.  The state of Oklahoma offers an accreditation program “Reaching for the Stars”.  Latchkey participates in this program and works to achieve the highest Star Rating possible for each individual location.
  18. Do you provide breakfast, lunch or snacks?
    Breakfast and lunch are typically provided by the school.  Latchkey provides a snack for each child in the after school program.  Lunch is provided by Latchkey for the prekindergarten children if this program is offered. 
  19. Do the children go outside?
    Yes, Latchkey feels that children need fresh air and exercise each day when weather permits.
  20. Do I have to pay for the full week if my child does not come every day?
    Yes, full tuition is due each week of the school year, except for the winter and spring breaks.
  21. What form of payment do you accept?
    Latchkey accepts cash, checks, money orders, debit/credit cards and TUITION EXPRESS (automatic withdrawal from checking account).  Latchkey also accepts state daycare assistance payments.
  22. Do I have to use my Access Oklahoma card each day, or can I swipe once a week?
    Latchkey requires clients that receive state daycare assistance to swipe their Access Oklahoma card daily.
  23. Do you have a multiple child discount for tuition?
    No, there is not a discount for families with more than one child.
  24. Do I get a receipt when I pay the tuition?
    Monthly payment statements are not provided.  However, you can register at www.tuitionexpress.com to get statements; contact our office for assistance.
  25. When can I enroll for the next school year?
    Latchkey begins pre-enrollment for the next school year at the beginning of May and continues throughout the summer months.  If the individual school or school districts have special dates for pre-enrollment, Latchkey will conduct a pre-enrollment at that time as well.

Corporate office: 1211 N. Shartel Avenue, Suite 1100, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 / (405) 236-2069 / (405) 236-3909 fax