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An increasing number of young children are at home everyday with no adult supervision.  These children need a safe, fun, and educational environment where they can grow.  Latchkey’s desire is to provide families with a safe alternative for their children during the out-of-school hours so they are not home alone or at risk.

  • 25% of Oklahoma’s youth are responsible for taking care of themselves after school.  These children spend an average of more than 7 hours per week unsupervised.
  • 29% of the children not in after school care would be likely to participate in an after school program if one were available.
  • 82% of voters agree that more after school programs are needed and 72% feel Congress should increase funding for these vital programs.
  • Studies show that children are most at risk during the hours after school when juvenile crime triples and children are most likely to be involved in risky behavior.
  • 77% of mothers with school age children are employed.
  • While the work day grows longer for working parents, the school day has not.  The gap between work and school schedules amounts to as much as 25 hours per week.
  • 87% of working parents say they are most concerned about their children’s safety in the hours after school.  This “after school stress” leads to distraction, resulting in lower productivity, high turnover, and absenteeism in the workplace.

*All findings referred to in this proposal come from the America After 3PM household survey conducted for The After School Alliance, with support from the JCPenney After School Fund.


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