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IMAGINE being 8 years old.  IMAGINE clutching your house key all day long, hoping not to lose it.  IMAGINE looking behind your back as you hurry home alone.  IMAGINE frantically trying to get inside your house.  IMAGINE quickly locking the door behind you.  IMAGINE being scared each time the phone rings never knowing who may be on the other end of the line.  IMAGINE not knowing if an intruder is inside the house when you get home.  IMAGINE turning the volume of the television up so loudly that it drowns out the noises heard inside a house.  IMAGINE being alone every day waiting for your parents to get home from work.  IMAGINE!

Now, imagine being able to give these children a safe place to go before and after school.  A place where friendships are built, comfort comes naturally, and adult supervision and interaction occurs.  Imagine a place with no fears.



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